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Have you ever wondered what happens or how someone is able to cheat on BBO?  Starting February 1, 2024, ACBL along with The EDGAR Association will be able to detect and deter online cheating.

Read more about The EDGAR Association.

The latest news


Score Silver Points Online

Silver Linings Week starts Monday (June 10)! As the name suggests, silver masterpoints are awarded in the Virtual Clubs during this event.

Silver Linings Week only happens a few times a year, so be sure to take advantage! (In fact, the only other Silver Linings Week this year is in October.) All Virtual Clubs automatically participate, so there is no special registration needed.

By the way, ACBL Clubhouse Games are awarding 50% red, 50% black masterpoints this week!

The Spark! Auction is Back


Excitement is mounting for the Third Annual Spark! Auction, a fundraising event benefiting the Spark! Fund of the ACBL Educational Foundation. 

Click here to check out all the key information, FAQs, and direct auction link, and click here for a flier to print and share at your clubs to help spread the word.


Get Your Friends Hooked on Bridge


Two rounds of ACBL Online Intro to Bridge are starting soon! The 10-lesson course is highly interactive, starting with the very basics and moving toward simple play strategies and trumping techniques. (Click here for a breakdown of class topics.)

Past students have said it’s an excellent start to the game, so spread the word to friends and family who are curious about bridge. You may even want to mention it on social media!

Classes are filling up, so have them register soon.


 BBO Team

Daily Free Women's Pairs and Women's Daylong Reward

Launched on Mother’s Day, May 12 2024 on BBO - two new daily games for the women’s bridge community.

"We are finally creating a regular spot for women to meet, play, and network through bridge. With the launch of these two new games, I’m looking forward to see a flourishing community take shape, where finding partners and preparing for events is easy, enjoyable, and accessible to all."
- Diana Serban, BBO's Director of Operations


Here’s what’s coming your way!


Women's Free Daily Pairs

A free daily 10 board pairs game, starting at 1PM US Eastern (7PM Central European Time). This is a great place to get started and meet other women players in a fun, social game. There’s no cost, and no strings, you just have to show up, have fun and enjoy. Video chat available (optional).

Click here for more details about the Women's Free Daily Pairs.

Women's Daylong Reward

A new 10 board daily game that extends the spirit of the popular Women’s Online Bridge Festival. Introduced during the WBF Women’s Online Spring Festival, this tournament offers both BBO points and substantial BB$ prizes. Entry fee is 1 BB$ (1 USD) and 80% of the entry fees are paid back in prizes to the top finishers. It’s based on BBO's popular “daylong” robot individual, where you play at your own pace, with up to 24 hours to finish you boards  - a flexible format that allows you to fit bridge into a busy schedule.

Click here for more details about the Women's Daylong Reward.

How to Join

All Women's Club games are invitational, and restricted to a list of eligible players. If this is your first time joining one of our Women's Events, please fill in this form to let us know. We update our player list several times a day, so you can start playing soon.


Join us every day to play with your friends, practice for future competitions, win BB$ and BBO points and enjoy the company of the amazing women’s community!

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or need help with anything, please contact us.




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