"Beyond Beginning Bridge Using 2/1"

Thursday, 09 March 2023 by Susan Williamson

"Beyond Beginning Bridge Using 2/1" class is held on Thursday mornings, starting March 23rd and runs for 11 weeks.   Last class will be June 15th.

This class is recommended for any player with approimately 50-300 masterpoints, and will cover the Forcing 1NT, 2/1, and a number of conventions that serve to form a solid bidding framework for advancing players.

There are eleven sessions planned; each will consist of instruction, plus twelve practice hands that demonstrate the concept being discussed.  Cost of the class is $175 per person and includes the book. If you bring a partner and sign up together, there will be a $25 discount per person, but two books will be included.  The book will also be used for the follow-up class that will be taught next fall.

The teacher is Susan Williamson.  If you cannot geet to the club to sign up, please contact her at (405)613-5263, (405)286-1115, or [email protected].  

We're looking forward to seeing lots of smiling faces!